Moving / Downsizing / Estate Sale

  • Are you moving or downsizing?
  • Are you thinking about listing your brand name furniture for sale but don’t really know how to do that?
  • Are you looking to settle an estate?
  • Are you looking for help in photographing your items for sale?
  • Do you have a minimum of 3+ months time horizon before moving? Preferably more. 

If you answered yes to any of the above, perhaps we can help.

We would be happy to list your items for sale on our platform assuming it meets our criteria outlined below.

  • All items stay with you until sold. This avoids risks of damaging anything when moving high quality furniture.
  • Items must meet our brand name requirements and will be accepted exclusively at our discretion. A brand name must be present – or at the very least known.
  • Items must be clean, gently used and any obvious imperfections noted. We will not listed ‘broken’ furniture. You are responsible for noting all major wear-and-tear. 
  • Eligere offers a NO FEE Listing for residential Consignors.
  • Business consignments are also available.
  • Our early-bird introductory offer features a commission fee of 20% of the total selling price. That means you keep the remaining 80%. (this is much more affordable than a typical consignment shop that keeps 55% and gives you 45%).
  • We can help guide you in what we feel might be a suggested selling price. But ultimately what you ask and ultimately get is up to you and the prevailing market forces of supply and demand.
  • We are not professional appraisers.
  • Please be aware anything bought new immediately drops by at least 30-50% in value as soon as it leaves the showroom floor.
  • Offers – if you are open to offers from a prospective buyer then we will email you any such offer for your approval.
  • Delivery on Sale – that will be up to you and the buyer of your items to work out. We can suggest possible sources. We can deliver smaller items from local sources.
  • We will be paid by the buyer then we in turn will pay you on completion of the sale.
  • You must honour your commitment to sell and accept payment terms through any lead developed through Eligere.
  • We will always protect your privacy and follow full covid compliant processes.


For your added convenience we can arrange for your items to be photographed by our in-house professional photographer (fully covid compliant).

All items must be clean and emptied (where applicable).

Standard Local Rates (for the Triad Area of Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo & Guelph) are as follows and includes: travel, mini-studio set-up and lighting, multiple image capture, professional editing and online posting.

  • 1-4 items: $110
  • 5-9 items: $155
  • 10 + items $155 + $35 per item

GTA: The same photo service is available anywhere across the GTA at the rate posted above plus $75 for additional fuel and travel time.

Golden Horseshoe: Same rate as per above plus additional fuel and travel time. Upcharges depends on distance.


Note: All photo services fee are non-refundable.